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Is your business logo and branding attracting the ideal clients? Here I reveal some of my top tips.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

There is a bit more to creating a logo than you might think, and here's why. Choosing the right colours, fonts and overall aesthetic can reflect the type of work you do and more importantly attract the ideal clients to work with you.

- When branding you want to look at WHO you want to attract (Your market)

Your branding visuals speak a certain vibe, if your logo/brand looks Tacky, cheap then you will most likely attract clients looking for cheap. Which is not good for new leads if you are providing quality product and service $.

So when starting a business make sure your Brand presence matches your price list.

Brand aesthetics play a crucial role in the way customers respond and interact with brands. Think of it like a personality. How do you want them to think and feel when they see your brand across all touch points eg. visit your website, socials and see your signage on the work truck driving by.

Here's an example - you are a luxury boutique resi builder with a focus on sustainable, custom homes. You'd probably want to steer away from anything too bright and artificial in colour. Instead mature, earthy, secondary or pastel colours will be ideal in combination with clean and minimal typefaces, to match the bespoke authentic work.

Or, You may have an old logo you've had for 10 years or so you created yourself from back in the day when you started, which no longer represents who your business has evolved into today, with a new level of profesionalism and service offerings. Or you've branched out into other services and the existing logo name does not reflect this anymore.

Here’s 3 logo styles examples, 3 builder demographics. Same brand name. Which one are you? Brand Name - East Projects Brand 1 - Boutique luxury home builder.

Brand 2 - Residential Carpentry Construction. Brand 3 - Commercial/Civil Construction.

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