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The Mighty Business Card.

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The Good old fashioned business card still holds relevance as a powerful marketing tool for your business. Business cards offer probably the most straightforward approaches to market yourself, particularly when you are running a small venture.

You trust that the person you give your business card will use the information found on it to reach out to you and even tell other people who might be interested in your product or service.

Business cards are also the last impression that you leave with people, so you want your cards to be memorable and attract potential new clients. They remain the easiest and fastest way to share brand contact info. Plus you don't have to go digging deep through your emails to find the contact.

For Our 'Tradie' clientele a business card will establish and raise your professional presence after completing jobs, leave one with your client to whack up on the fridge.

Look at getting one thousand cards printed at a time. The difference in price from 250 to 1000 cards is usually $30.

Business Cards are a great way to introduce yourself at that next networking event.

Make sure the look and feel of your card will connect with your customer, giving them an impression of what they should expect to pay for your service. For Example - Don’t use a high end aesthetic, if your clientele are small businesses, you may scare them a way looking too overpriced and vice versa if you want to attract the opposite.

Keep your design clean and mean! remember less is more!

Think twice about using online design companies, card stock feels thin and cheap. There are limited designs available, so there could be the chance someone else is walking around with the same designs.

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